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5203 Industrial Way
Anderson CA, 96007

(530) 222-4660

We are a full service heating and AC company.  We do air conditioning repair and heater repair.  We also install HVAC systems, furnaces and air conditioners.



Commercial Installations In Your Community

As Northern California has taken shape over the past 33 years, we have been able to expand as a company and be part of this incredible growth. We have played an active role in the development of many commercial projects throughout Northern California.

Cascade Comfort Service has successfully completed the construction of over 20 hotels, several assisted living facilities, manufacturing plants, retail, school remodels, medical, private, and public commercial spaces.

We are proud of our team of talented designers, fabricators and installers who come together to provide a quality job that exceeds today’s most stringent standards.

We have been fortunate enough to work with many contractors who have been part of the development of Redding, ca and Northern California. Robert S. Bryant Construction, Schuffelberger Construction, Howard S. Wright Construction, Gifford Construction, Flintco, and Sunseri Construction are only a few of many.


Civic Plaza - Redding CA. 

Hilton Garden.JPG

Hilton Garden Hotel - Redding CA.

Ductwork Hilton.JPG

Rooftop Ductwork at The Hilltop Garden Inn - Redding CA.

Holiday Inn.jpg

Holiday Inn & Convention Center - Redding CA.


Longs Drug Store - Redding CA.

Redding Hotel

Redding Hotel - Redding CA.


Mountain Vistas Assisted Living - Redding CA.


Washington Mutual - Redding CA.


Patients Hospital - Redding CA.


ACE Hardware - Anderson CA.


YMCA - Redding CA.