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5203 Industrial Way
Anderson CA, 96007

(530) 222-4660

We are a full service heating and AC company.  We do air conditioning repair and heater repair.  We also install HVAC systems, furnaces and air conditioners.

Tune Up



Cascade Comfort Service offers a comprehensive heating and air conditioning maintenance “tune-up” on your central heating and air conditioning system. Properly maintaining your heating and air conditioning system helps protect your equipment from malfunctioning and allows it to operate with the highest efficiency possible.  

Depending on if your tune-up is in the summer or winter, we will do the following: adjust operating pressures, adjust and calibrate your thermostat, calibrate the blower components, clean and inspect burner assembly, inspect condensate drain lines, validate heat exchanger, inspect the cooling coil if accessible, clean and replace filters (provided by homeowner), inspect the condenser coil, lubricate all moving parts, verify air flow, measure temperature difference and all volts and amps, test all safety controls and tighten all electrical connections.

Most homeowners also choose to be part of our “Cascade Care Plus Advantage Program” program which offers discounted rates on many of our services. These include priority service and a $69.00 diagnostic when your equipment malfunctions. 

To learn more about the Cascade Care Plus Advantage
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• Validate heat exchanger
• Inspect cooling coil if accessible
• Clean or replace filter(s)
• Inspect condenser coil
• Lubricate all moving parts 
• Adjust operating pressures
• Adjust thermostat calibration
• Agreement is always transferable 
• Verify air flow
• Measure temperature difference
• Measure all volts and amps
• Test all safety controls
• Tighten all electrical connections 

* No improvements will be undertaken without the homeowner's authorization.