3 Benefits of Keeping Your Dryer Vents and Air Ducts Clean

What do dryer vents and air ducts have in common? They both move air from one location to another. These household necessities share another critical trait: both need regular cleaning to operate effectively. Here are three reasons it benefits you to keep the air ducts and dryer vents clean in your Anderson, CA, home:

Safety First

Failure to clean the vents is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires, resulting in injuries, property loss and even death. Neglecting the ductwork in your HVAC system also impacts your well-being. Without routine cleaning, airborne contaminants drawn into the air ducts get circulated back into your living spaces over and over. Poor indoor air quality is particularly harmful for people with existing respiratory conditions. Prolonged exposure impacts the health of everyone in your household.

Lower Your Energy Bills

It’s hard to think of a household appliance that doesn’t operate more efficiently with regular cleaning. That’s especially true for dryers and central-air HVAC systems. A clogged dryer vent forces the equipment to run longer, so you pay more for energy expenses. Long dryer cycles can also damage your clothing, towels and bedding. A buildup of dust and debris in your ductwork impacts HVAC efficiency too. Forcing the equipment to run overtime can send your heating and cooling bills soaring.

Save Money Now and Later

Proactive cleaning of your air vents and ducts also saves you money down the line. Dust, lint and other contaminants that settle on critical components can damage the equipment, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Regular cleaning also reduces the effects of wear and tear, extending the service life of your dryer and HVAC systems. You’ll keep more money in your pocket for things that matter most.

For professional air duct and dryer vent services, call Cascade Comfort Services, Inc. today. Since 1986, we’ve been proud to provide top-quality HVAC services.

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