Benefits of Scheduling Dryer Vent and Air Duct Cleaning Services

You probably don’t think about them often. But the dryer vent and ducts in your Anderson, CA, home serve a vital purpose, moving air from one area to another. To ensure they work effectively and efficiently, you must ensure they’re clean and undamaged. Read on to learn the benefits of scheduling dryer vent and air duct cleaning services.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, homeowners report about 2,900 clothes dryer fires every year. Collectively, they cause an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million in property damage. Neglecting to clean the dryer vent is the number one cause of home clothes dryer fires, occurring more in the fall and winter months. Homeowners can help reduce the risk of fires by cleaning the lint filter after each load of laundry. You should also have your dryer cleaned regularly by a professional. Doing so will offer these cost- and life-saving benefits:

  • Your dryer will require fewer repairs.
  • Your dryer will last longer than a neglected appliance.
  • You’ll dryer your clothes fast, lowering your energy bill.
  • You’ll reduce the risk of a house fire.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

The ducts in your HVAC system transfer conditioned air into your living spaces. The accumulation of dirt in the ductwork can inhibit adequate airflow and worsen your indoor air quality. Schedule duct cleaning service to enjoy these benefits:

  • Reduce the amount of particle pollutants in your house.
  • Improve HVAC efficiency and lower your cooling and heating bills.
  • Prevent straining your HVAC system and the associated repairs.
  • Enhance your comfort and quality of life with better health.

Schedule Your Service Today

Don’t neglect your dryer vent and ductwork and endure the negative effects. Contact Cascade Comfort Service, Inc. to schedule your dryer vent and air duct cleaning services today. We look forward to helping you keep your home comfortable and safe.

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