3 Reasons for a Failing Furnace Pilot Light in Anderson, CA

A pilot light is the tiny, continuously burning flame that your furnace uses to ignite the burner. Although they’re small, working pilot lights are essential for gas furnaces. Here are some common reasons for a failing furnace pilot light in Anderson, CA:

Dirt and Debris in the Furnace

Pilot lights have a small opening called an orifice that allows gas to flow into the pilot light. If this orifice clogs with dirt or debris, gas won’t flow properly. As a result, the pilot light will no longer function.

Because pilot lights are delicate, you should never try to repair a pilot light orifice by yourself. Instead, ask us to evaluate and repair furnace problems. That way, you’ll protect you, your family and your property from harm.

Broken Gas Valve

The gas valve is an essential part located on the outside of the furnace. Like the pilot orifice, the gas valve manages the flow of gas into the heating system. If there’s a blockage, the pilot light won’t have any gas to light the burner.

Broken gas valves often cause potentially dangerous gas leaks. Please get your furnace inspected as soon as possible if you think you may be in this situation.

Faulty Thermocouple

Sometimes, your system might think the pilot light is out when it’s actually working. A component called the thermocouple is to blame for this, as it is the part that detects the pilot light. In this case, you’ll want to contact a professional to repair your heating system.

Fix Your Failing Pilot Light

If you’ve noticed problems with your furnace pilot light, Cascade Comfort Service, Inc. is here to help. Our service technicians are heating experts and can diagnose and repair many common issues. Contact us today to ask about our furnace repair services in Anderson, CA.

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