4 Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning in Red Bluff, CA

A dryer is a very common appliance used to dry clothes. But even in a house with an efficient dryer, it’s still necessary to clean the venting system once or twice per year to keep it running safely and effectively. Read on to learn why you need to schedule dryer vent cleaning in Red Bluff, CA.

Dryer is Unusually Loud

If your dryer sounds unusually loud, the lint buildup in the venting system is likely making it harder for air to exit. This can lead to noise pollution. It also increase the chance of a fire due to a clogged vent.

Area Under the Dryer is Hot

There are several reasons this can happen. One is that the dryer doesn’t have enough vents to exhaust the heat it produces. Another is due to a buildup of lint in the vents themselves, which can cause them to block heat from escaping. Sometimes, lint buildup can be due to family members placing heavier-than-usual loads in the machine.

Have to Close the Lint Trap on Your Dryer

If you find yourself having to close the lint trap on your dryer before drying a single load of clothes, chances are there’s a clog somewhere in your vent system that needs cleaning. You’ll have to call a professional dryer vent cleaning service to handle this for you. That way, you won’t accidentally ignite the accumulated lint in your dryer’s vent.

Air Ducts Smell Bad

If your air ducts are not properly cleaned and ventilated, they can build up dust and debris over time. This can lead to an unpleasant odor permeating your house. The buildup of lint in the vents themselves can also contribute to this odor.

Dryer vent cleaning will help to prevent fire-caused damage and reduce the negative impact on your health caused by allergies and other outdoor air pollution. No matter how diligent you are in cleaning your dryer vents yourself, they could still get clogged and choked up with lint at some point. If you’ve identified any of the signs above, call Cascade Comfort Services, Inc. for dryer vent cleaning services.

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