4 Signs You Need Duct Cleaning in Redding, CA

Your HVAC system requires a lot of maintenance to keep up with the weather in Redding, CA. Naturally, this includes keeping your air ducts clean. If you’re unsure whether you need duct cleaning, here are four signs you can look for in your Redding, CA, home:

Home Is Incredibly Dusty

If your home seems dusty no matter how often you clean it, you might have a problem with dirty air ducts. This is especially true if there’s a lot of dusty buildup on or near your air vents. Keep dusting your home, but contact a professional to schedule air duct cleaning services as well.

Allergy Symptoms Are Getting Worse

While practically anything can trigger allergies, dirty air ducts can definitely make them worse. If you’ve experienced symptoms such as dry and itchy eyes, a sore throat or a runny nose, consider having your ducts cleaned.

Energy Bills Have Been Going Up

If your air ducts are dirty, they will impede airflow and force your heating and cooling systems to work harder. Not only will this put a strain on your HVAC system, but your utility bills will increase.

It’s Been Years Since You Scheduled Duct Cleaning

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, professional service technicians should inspect your air ducts once a year and clean them as needed. For most households, this translates to one deep clean every two to three years, but you might need more frequent duct cleanings if you have a larger household or you’re a smoker.

If you know it’s been at least a few years since you’ve had professionals clean your ducts or inspect your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to contact Cascade Comfort Services, Inc. in Redding, CA. Our experienced service technicians provide excellent duct cleaning services or any other HVAC service you may need.

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