Why AC Maintenance Matters to Your Comfort and Cooling Costs

As the temperature in Red Bluff, CA, becomes warmer, homeowners use their air conditioners more often to stay comfortable. Preparing your AC system for the heavy summer workload is critical to minimizing cooling costs and preventing breakdowns that require costly repairs. Here’s why scheduling spring AC maintenance matters.

Higher Cooling Efficiency

Your air conditioner features a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). To maximize your AC system’s efficiency, you must schedule preventive maintenance at least once a year. Your service technician will inspect and clean various vital components, ensuring they work as designed and maximize cooling efficiency.

Longer AC System Lifespan

The more efficiently your air conditioner works, the fewer breakdowns it’ll experience. As a result, you’ll avoid paying high repair and replacement costs over its lifespan. Considering the cost of an air conditioning installation, it’s best to pay for preventive maintenance now than an unexpected replacement later.

Consistent Cooling and Comfort

When it’s hot outside, you expect your air conditioner to work around the clock to keep you cool and comfortable. Spring AC maintenance ensures that happens without trouble. Your service technician will test the thermostat, check refrigerant levels and guarantee your air conditioner will perform as you want during the hottest months.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Breathing clean indoor air is critical to your health. Spring AC maintenance ensures the filter in your air conditioner is clean and can capture all the dust and debris circulating in your house. A clean filter increases cooling efficiency and decreases allergy symptoms, promoting a healthier indoor environment for your loved ones.

It’s not too late to schedule spring AC maintenance. Contact Cascade Comfort Services, Inc. to learn about the benefits of enrolling in our Cascade Care Plus Advantage Program or to schedule an air conditioner tuneup today. Our service technicians are ready to prepare your air conditioner for the hot months ahead and give you peace of mind.

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