Why Is My Heat Pump in Redding, CA, Running Constantly?

Heat pumps operate in cycles. However, there are times when these systems run constantly. In this article, we will explain why your heat pump in Redding, CA, constantly runs.

It’s Too Cold

Heat pumps are unique HVAC systems as they don’t generate heat to warm your indoor air. Instead, they move heat from the outdoor environment into your home during winter. Therefore, if the outdoor temperatures are too low, the system will take longer to transfer enough heat.

You Have a Variable-Speed Heat Pump

HVAC manufacturers design variable-speed heat pumps to provide the highest levels of comfort. These systems ensure the indoor temperatures don’t go below a certain range during winter or above a certain range in summer. Therefore, they run constantly to maintain your indoor temperatures at a comfortable level.

Dirty Components

Dirty components make your heat pump struggle to regulate your indoor temperatures. For instance, a clogged air filter blocks indoor air from entering your system. Consequently, the system operates incessantly as it tries to draw air through the clogged filter.

A contaminated outdoor coil struggles to absorb heat from the environment, prompting the heat pump to work for extended periods to move in enough heat. A service technician will clean all your heat pump components when you schedule maintenance services in Redding, CA.

Refrigerant Leaks

When you input your preferred temperatures on the thermostat during winter, the refrigerant starts moving heat from the outdoor coil to the indoor coil. The fluid may leak if there are perforations along the refrigerant lines.

Consequently, your heat pump overworks as it attempts to transfer enough heat with the little refrigerant left. Never try to repair refrigerant leaks by yourself because this fluid is harmful to human health and the environment. Instead, schedule professional heating repair services.

Instead of trying to guess why your system runs constantly, allow a service technician to determine the reason and fix it. You can contact Cascade Comfort Services, Inc. whenever you need exceptional heat pump services. Our service technicians will work tirelessly to maximize your system’s efficiency.

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