4 Worrisome Heat Pump Noises in Anderson, CA

If your heat pump makes strange noises, that could be a sign of trouble. Knowing which noises to look out for can help you identify potential problems quickly before they become major. Here are four heat pump noises found in Anderson, CA, homes and what they could mean:


Banging noises from your heat pump can be alarming and are often noticeably loud. This sound typically suggests a loose or broken part within the compressor, such as a connecting rod, piston or crankshaft. If left unattended, it could significantly damage your heat pump, requiring costly repairs or a complete system replacement.


A rattling noise from your heat pump signifies the possibility of loose hardware or debris caught in the system. You can identify this noise by its irregular, chattering nature, akin to metal clanging together. The best course of action is to contact a professional for a thorough inspection and repair, as this issue can have serious consequences if ignored for too long.


This sound is distinct, often high-pitched and consistent, resembling the squeal of car tires on a slick road. The belt connecting the motor to the fan may have slipped, or the bearings on your heat pump motor may be wearing out. As a result, your heat pump may overheat and shut down abruptly.


A hissing sound suggests leaking refrigerant. As the refrigerant escapes, it creates a whistling noise. The refrigerant may be dangerous when inhaled, so if you hear this noise, contact a professional immediately for repairs.

Heat pumps make a slight humming noise under normal operation, but a professional evaluation is always best if you suspect something is wrong. Contact Cascade Comfort Service, Inc. to diagnose the source of noise in your heat pump in Anderson, CA, and receive repairs to restore it to top condition.

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